Though Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t outright confirmed what Overwatch’s April 11th event will be about, it has released a new comic that provides plenty of hints. Titled “Uprising”, the comic can be read here.

Long story short, a group of extremist Omnics in King’s Row have taken hostages. Overwatch is forbidden to interfere and Strike Commander Jack Morrison has to take a call on disobeying the British government versus innocents dying.

The comic takes place in the earlier days of Overwatch with Tracer having just joined the group and Genji wearing what seems to be a prototype of his current armour.

As many have speculated, the April 11th event – having something to do with King’s Row – will be PvE focused. The comic seems to indicate that Mercy, Torbjorn, Tracer and Reinhardt will be playable characters this time around.

Blizzard promises that it’s one of the best things it’s ever done since the game launched but we’ll see for ourselves this Tuesday.