We already know that Square Enix is rather bullish on the Nintendo Switch, and that it intends to support it fully- but now we have some rather exciting indication as to exactly what that support may entail. You see, Takashi Tokita, who is best known as the director of Final Fantasy 4 and Chrono Trigger, is apparently teasing something for the Nintendo Switch.

“Top secret mission commence!” Tokita posted on Twitter, with a picture of the Nintendo Switch attached to the tweet- implying that he is working on something new for Nintendo’s system.

As to what it could be- who knows? it could be anything from a remake of one of his older games to a brand new project. In a dream world, it could be Chrono 3, but I think we all know better than to expect that at this point. Whatever it is, though, we’ll keep you posted, so stay tuned to GamingBolt.