Overwatch’s Uprising mode is here and if you haven’t tried it, the PvE mechanics are actually a pretty fun addition to the game. From the heavy connection to the lore to the varying mechanics (zone capture, escort, boss slaying, etc.), fans are happy with Uprising as a whole.

However, as if it couldn’t get better, lead writer Michael Chu revealed on the official forums that, “One other thing, if you’re enjoying the dialogue between the heroes in Uprising: You might have noticed this, but in the default mode (Reinhardt/Mercy/Torbjorn/Tracer), more conversations are added to the random pool as you win more matches.”

The conversations – which formed a large part of the appeal in Junkenstein’s Revenge – are pretty entertaining and it’s pretty cool that Blizzard offered something fresh for those replaying Uprising.

What are your thoughts on the event thus far? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more information.