GameWorks Flow is a brand new upcoming experimental rendering technology by Nvidia, which is supposed to be able to render fluids, and fluid objects and substances, such as fire and smoke, with far more accuracy and realism than is possible by traditional methods. The technology was introduced by NVIDIA last year, though it’s been in beta since. However, ahead of its integration into Unreal Engine 4, NVIDIA has released a brand new video, showcasing the technology implemented in DirectX 12.

The simulation below is in real time (which makes it that much more impressive), and apparently based on an adaptive sparse voxel grid- which, in simple parlance, means that the algorithm at work here can choose to focus on some areas of the simulation more than others, and then change that focus over time as it sees fit (which is particularly helpful for things like fire and smoke, which vary in luminosity and density over time).

You can check out the video below. It’s pretty impressive, and hopefully indicative of things to come.