Details have been rather non-existent about Blizzard’s next event for Overwatch. All we have are rumours stating than an anniversary event is happening on May 24th with skins for Reaper, Tracer and Sombra in-bound.

Interestingly, when asked about the event on Twitter, Blizzard said that there are, “No timing details yet.” Which seems to confirm that the anniversary event is indeed real. After all, when the developer playfully jokes, it playfully jokes. This doesn’t appear to be one of those times.

Some more solid information though is that the Public Test Realm for patch 1.11 will be closing soon. Director Jeff Kaplan said on the official forums that, “We’re preparing to close it down shortly, and the PTR Bug Report forums will also close at that time.”

It’s possible that it closes on this coming Tuesday with the patch going for certification and subsequently live servers the week after. What are your thoughts on the current changes though? Let us know in the comments.