Naughty Dog are technical wizards, who were able to work their magic on an eight year old PS3 to pump out The Last of Us, a game that looked absolutely fantastic- something amply evidenced when it was put on the PS4 just a year later, and it held its own against the best looking PS4 games.

Like all Naughty Dog games, The Last of Us was made using Naughty Dog’s proprietary engine. But what if it it had used Unreal Engine instead? Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who have wondered that. Except Polycount’s ‘ajester‘ has gone ahead and recreated Ellie’s room (based on the concept art made by John Sweeney) in Unreal Engine 4. You can check out the screenshot for yourself below.

Meanwhile, The Last of Us is available on PS3 and PS4. The Last of Us Part 2 has been announced, and it will be launching exclusively on the PS4.