Today may very well be , but don’t count out Amazon’s countless rivals. They’re not just watching; retailers like Best Buy, Walmart and Toys ’R’ Us among others have responded in kind with deals that, in some cases, are even better than Amazon’s.

For instance, Best Buy is running what it calls “,” while NewEgg is conducting a “.” Meanwhile, we have simply running stronger deals than Amazon for several products, and taking 20% off the top of everything you buy online today.

Plus, with these deals, you don’t have to of anything – they just work. Without further ado, here are the best Prime Day deals you won’t find on Amazon:

The best NewEgg deals on Prime Day

: Not one to be outdone by the rest, NewEgg has Google's smart speaker for even less with a $10 discount promo code, which covers tax to get your Home for truly under 100 bucks.

: You can score the 15.6-inch MSI GL62M for just $569 all told after a $10 promo code that expires today and a $150 mail-in rebate. That’s a gaming laptop for less than 600 bucks, mind.

: While this is a certified refurbished deal, that you can score a professional-grade drone for a whopping 56% off, down to a cool $349, should not be ignored.

: With a $20 promo code, you can score this 25-inch, 2,560 x 1,080 curved gaming screen with a 60Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time. Perfect for more immersive RPGs and strategy games.

: A whopping 2TB for all of your favorite music, movies and other files, plus a mobile device backup feature, all for just the price of a new video game, should the end to your data doldrums. 

The best eBay deals on Prime Day

: While this isn’t as great as last night’s deal, the Google Home speaker can still be had for just $99 today. Either way, that’s still a solid savings on what could be a smart home staple.

: eBay has chopped 12% off the price of a brand new, 32GB 9.7-inch iPad, likely the cheapest you’re going to see such a device short of Black Friday. You can even choose your favorite color.

: Amounting to a 35% in savings, this incredibly pricey Nikon camera can be had for the relatively cheap price of $1,289.99. Considering it goes for about two grand normally, consider this a steal.

: Widely considered Fitbit’s strongest fitness tracker, you can have it today for just $99. That’s a pittance for a fitness tracker that tracks your heart rate, plus you can choose your favorite color.

: A super strong phone deal here, score the latest from Samsung, a 64GB Galaxy S8 in the color of your choice for 28% off the retail price. Plus, it’s got a dual SIM card slot.

The top Best Buy deals on Prime Day

: No, that’s not a typo. Best Buy has shaved $150 even off of every version of Apple’s 9.7-inch, pro-grade tablet, from 32GB to 256GB and in every color the slate comes in.

: This just might be the best HDTV of Prime Day, a nearly 40-inch, 720p screen for less than even most 32-inch sets. A V-chip for parental controls and 178-degree viewing angles round out this steal of a deal.

: Today only, you can buy Logitech’s hub device for smart home products and get Amazon’s littlest smart speaker for free. A fine way to jumpstart your smart home journey.

: This Asus ROG GL702VM, with Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics and a 6th-generation Intel Core i7 processor behind it, is available today for nearly 25% off at just $1,099.

: The new-age router that started it all, you can score 25% off of a three-pack of Eero Wi-Fi mesh devices, likely the cheapest it’s ever been. Kill those dead spots in your home for less than ever.

: You can have one of iRobot’s self-charging smart vacuums for just $400 today through this deal. This version can create virtual boundaries, too, so it doesn’t go tumbling down your stairs. 

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