Capcom will be releasing Dragon’s Dogma for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Fall after it hit the PC last year. To showcase what fans can expect, a new Japanese trailer has gone live containing Xbox One/PS4 gameplay.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen for the current gen consoles will contain all the content and updates released for the game in its lifetime. Along with the base game and its DLC, there’s the Dark Arisen expansion which adds new weapons, a new area called Bitterblack Isle and much more. You can also expect graphical improvements on top of everything else.

The Xbox One/PS4 port will actually be celebrating the series’ fifth anniversary and if you haven’t played the game back in 2012 or for the PC in 2016, it’s worth checking out. Capcom is currently managing Dragon’s Dogma Online, a free to play title set in the universe and currently available for the PS3, PC and PS4 in Japan. It has no release date for the West but the franchise is at least alive in some respects.