Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 is free this weekend for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The free trial is currently underway with players able to try out some of the single-player and the multiplayer until July 30th. To make things even more interesting, there’s currently a double XP event underway for the game which ends on July 31st.

Titanfall 2 recently received a new update in the form of Operation Frontier Shield. It brings Frontier Defense, the horde mode from the first Titanfall, to the game across five maps along with an Aegis system for upgrading one’s Titan. There’s also a new map, Rise from Titanfall, and Township for Live Fire mode. There are also Titan and Weapon Warpaints that can be purchased for a limited period.

Those who want to try out the full campaign can wait for a few weeks when Titanfall 2 is out on EA/Origin Access. It will be completely free for subscribers of these services on Xbox One and PC.