While Square Enix are supporting virtual reality with Final Fantasy 15, it seems as though the VR tech demo for Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto that they showed off initially, will not be happening. Speaking at The PlayStation Experience South East Asia, Lead Designer of Final Fantasy 15, Wan Hazmer confirmed that the original demo had been intended as just that- a demo.

“The Prompto Shooting game was actually a showcase back then,” he said. “It was just to showcase the power of the VR – but we have Monster of the Deep! Can you imagine having a Prompto DLC and also having a Prompto VR. Right? We want to offer something very different for every single entry of Final Fantasy 15.”

Which is a shame- while Monster of the Deep looks… interesting? It’s a fishing minigame. Getting to play a full fledged Final Fantasy FPS in VR would have been far more exciting and fulfilling. I suppose in the end, however, that they couldn’t figure out how to leverage VR properly for a full sized game experience, and the fishing minigame is what we ended up getting.

That said, Monster of the Deep looks fun in its own way, and PlayStation VR owners will be able to go hands on with it when it launches later this year.