It seems like Gearbox Software, the folks behind the Borderlands and Battleborn series, may be working on something new. In a new newsletter, it seems like they have revealed Project 1v1, a new game that apparently melds elements of a first person shooter, with a… card game? Wait, what? How does that even work?

The short answer is, we don’t know yet. We know nothing about this project except for its existence, though Gearbox are promising to hold a ‘closed PC technical test’ (so basically a beta) later this Summer. The beta will apparently have a ranked mode, an unranked mode, as well as an Arena mode, where you queue up to fight the reigning champion, and take their place should you defeat them.

This apart, Gearbox is also expected to be working on Borderlands 3, which presumably should be revealed soon, and released some time next year, at least if Take Two’s teases are to be believed.