Square Enix’s Final Fantasy arcade fighter Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be releasing on January 30th 2018 for PS4. The news was announced by the official PlayStation Twitter, thus adding on to the number of high profile releases from Japan out in early 2018.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT originally released for arcades in November 2015 and its PS4 release was leaked online prior to E3 2017. The game is developed by Team Ninja, which brought out Nioh earlier this year, and will see several famous Final Fantasy characters like Lightning, Cloud Strife, Squall Leonheart and Tidus as part of the roster.

Set a long time after the events of previous games, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will feature a number of new features and a focus on 3 vs. 3 combat. Characters are now segregated into four different classes – Specialists, Vanguards, Assassins and Marksmen – with each one having Brave attacks. Summons will also be returning with Ifrit and Bahamut confirmed to be appearing.