The story of the year has been Nintendo’s remarkable resurgence. After spending four years languishing with the mediocre Wii U, losing sales, marketshare, relevance, and third party support, Nintendo has shot back into a position of prominence with the superlative Switch, which has gotten them back all the things they lost, and more.

The Switch’s sales have been fantastic, and they show no sign of slowing down any time soon, not least because of Nintendo’s great cadence of games for the system, with at least one major title planned for it every month. This does, however, beg the question as to how their competition feels about their revival- especially Sony, who have the highest selling console this generation. How do they feel upon Nintendo’s return?

“It’s still very early. Many things Nintendo does are so disruptive and different that it takes quite a long time to understand them, and I don’t think we’re at that stage yet with Switch. Like I say, it’s great that they’re back, it’s great to see them doing so well,” Sony’s Jim Ryan said in an interview with EDGE, noting that a resurgent Nintendo is great for the industry. He also admitted that Sony watches what Nintendo does “very carefully”.

Whether or not this means a PlayStation take on the Switch concept any time soon remains to be soon- but one thing is true, and that is that the industry is revitalized thanks to a resurgent Nintendo. Hopefully, this time around, Nintendo can maintain the early momentum that they have generated.