Surviving Mars lets you follow mankind to the next frontier- space, as a colony tries to settle down on Mars and establish base there. With you having to build up and manage a human settlement there, it sounds like a fantastic twist on the regular city simulation formula (that publishers Paradox’s 2015 game Cities Skylines already perfected, amusingly enough).

The game was announced at Microsoft’s Gamescom stage, which suggests that it is coming to the Xbox One; it will definitely be hitting the PC, since that is the primary platform Paradox usually targets with its games. Whether or not it hits the PS4 is unknown for now, but even Cities Skylines eventually made it over, so it is possible that it does.

Surviving Mars is due to release in 2018. Make sure to check out the rather amusing trailer, which talks about the ‘greatly exaggerated’ dangers of settling Mars for yourself below.