Bungie have confirmed that Destiny 2 on PC will have region restricted multiplayer, and that this will also effect friends lists and even clans. These will come in the form of Blizzard regions, and players will be restricted to playing with or against only those players who have selected the same region as them. However, Bungie have also provided players with the option to be able to switch between regions if they should want to do so (read more about it at Reddit).

This has, of course, lead to concerns that when players switch regions to be able to play with other players, they might lose all their progress. That, however, won’t be the case, Bungie has now confirmed. There will be one set of characters that Destiny 2 players will be able to play in both North American and European regions.

This leads to the question of whether there are any characters that fall outside of this category. Will players be restricted to fewer options if they should want to change regions? Bungie haven’t given complete clarification on this yet, so stay tuned to GamingBolt for continued updates.