2K Games’ upcoming WWE 2K18 has seen some major controversy lately with loot cases cropping up. These loot cases contained moves, Virtual Currency, parts and much more to customize one’s Superstar or MyPlayer character.

Naturally, given that this is 2K Games and it took microtransactions to a whole new level with NBA 2K18, many believed this to be even more microtransaction nonsense.

However, the official WWE 2K18 Twitter has noted that the game has no paid microtransactions. Loot cases are instead earned by playing the Road to Glory mode and online multiplayer. They can also be purchased with Virtual Currency earned in-game.

Now, obviously there may not be any microtransactions at launch but like Turn 10 Studios with Forza Motorsport 6 (and which it will likely do with Forza 7), microtransactions could very well be added later. It doesn’t help that Virtual Currency in NBA 2K18 can be purchased using real money. Why call it that if not to add microtransactions later?

WWE 2K18 launches on October 13th for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch so we’ll so for ourselves how this goes.