Previously in beta testing for PC users, Bethesda’s official Survival Mode for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition is now available on all platforms. It will be free for the first week but after that, you’ll need to purchase it from the Creation Club.

Skyrim’s Survival Mode is pretty much like Fallout 4’s Survival Mode (which is actually free). You can’t fast travel and you have meters for hunger and thirst. You’ll need to stay healthy, avoid being exposed to the cold for too long and use a horse or travel on foot to get anywhere.

There are a number of different free mods – like Frostfall and Campfire – currently available which can simulate a survival experience in Skyrim Special Edition. It’s rather odd that Bethesda decided to monetize the Survival Mode instead of releasing it for free like with Fallout 4 but such is life.

Regardless, this probably won’t help Bethesda’s push for the Creation Club and the content it offers. What are your thoughts on Skyrim Special Edition’s “official” Survival Mode? Let us know below.