Nintendo’s systems have always had a super broad appeal- they go across demographics, appealing to younger kids, to families, to older demographics who traditionally don’t play games, and to female gamers. However, it sounds like the Nintendo Switch’s demographic so far is constrained mostly to the kind of audience you would traditionally associate with PlayStation or Xbox- the young 20-30 year old male gamer.

Nintendo revealed this information in their investor meeting, revealing that a staggering 43% of all Switch buyers are 25-34 years old; 20% of all buyers are 16-24 years old, and 17% are 25-44 years old. Meanwhile, 88% of Switch owners are males.

Of course, the Switch has not yet had either a price drop, or its first Holiday season- which is when expanded demographics buy gaming hardware. So far, it has been severely stock constrained, and mostly selling to early adopters, who happen to be young males. We’ll see how things stand now that Mario has launched, and the first Holiday season is around the corner.