French publications attending Paris Games Week got a chance to see Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human in a 30 minute extended demo behind closed doors. Their impressions are pretty favourable and offer some interesting new details about the game.

Thanks to ResetEra members Birdseye who translated the previews and Dragonbane, we got to learn that each character in the game has a distinct play-style. Connor has a more detective-like role (think Jayden from Heavy Rain) while Kara is more of a personal adventure/roadtrip. They each have their own music style and theme as well. Interestingly, it’s possible to obey every single situation in the game and have all the characters survive to one of the endings.

The recent demo with Kara inside of the house showcased how boring, ordinary tasks could be used to inform players about exits and weapons. Quantic Dream is describing this as their most branching game yet with 6000 variables being tracked throughout the experience. All choices have equal weight, from beginning to end. Quantic Dram will still have a hint system or showcase alternate branches after each chapter to encourage players to explore other paths, if not make them aware of the same.

Detroit: Become Human is exclusive to the PS4 and is currently slated to release in Spring 2018.