World of Warcraft’s newest expansion was finally unveiled at BlizzCon 2017 and it’s called Battle of Azeroth. The opening cinematic was also revealed and showcased the battle between the Horde and Alliance. For hardcore WoW fans, Jaina Proudmoore also re-emerged in the features video, making her first appearance since the launch of Legion.

Battle of Azeroth will be a meaty expansion. Horde players will travel to the continent of Zandalar while the Alliance will head to Kul Tiras to garner allies. There will be new playable Allied Races each with their own unique abilities and they include Highmountain tauren, Dark Iron dwarves, Void elves and much more. There will also be new Island to explore which contain changing enemies and objectives. Players will fight as groups of three and compete against other teams to plunder resources.

A new resource called Azerite is also being added and players can combine it with the Heart of Azeroth to customize their armour with new traits and powers. If that weren’t enough, there’s a new level cap of 120, a new raid with eight bosses, dungeons, World Quests and a new cooperative 20 player mode called Warfront that calls to mind the old Warcraft games.

Though a release date wasn’t provided, you can expect the expansion to go into beta sometime soon. It’s safe to say that Battle of Azeroth is 2018-bound but we’ll have to wait for more information.