Who would have guessed that the first third party game to get video recording on the Nintendo Switch (so far, the feature has been restricted to six first party games only) would be Stardew Valley? And yet, it is Stardew Valley that will be getting the feature in an upcoming update, according to a tweet shared by the CEO of Chucklefish Games on Twitter.

The update, which has been submitted for approval, will, in addition to adding video recording, also reduce save and load times, fix some problems with static noise coming out of the Switch’s left speaker in portable mode, address crashes, make minor changes to the UI, and more. It sounds like it will be a really extensive patch, all said and done.

Stardew Valley launched on PC last year, and became an instant sensation; since then, it has launched on multiple other platforms, most recently on the Nintendo Switch, where it was long awaited, and where it instantly shot to the top of the charts.