EA is rightly taking a battering from the internet for Star Wars Battlefront II’s shadier monetization elements, earning them the (dishonour?) of the most downvoted comment ever on Reddit when they tried to justify a 40 hour grind to unlock Darth Vader in a Star Wars game. But gamers are finding that their attempts to make right are only half-hearted at best.

We earlier reported that EA had reduced the cost of hero unlocks by 75%, but it’s come to light since that they also dropped credit gains by that much as well, changing only the numbers involved, not the time investment. Further, those who are trying to put in the time in Arcade Mode are being stymied by cool down timers preventing players from earning credits for as long as a day at a time.

Evidence of the cool down systems has popped up on a number of sources, including the Twitter of Andrew Reiner, Executive Editor for Game Informer, who posted that the credit cool down in Arcade Mode was “the worst part of the game”. DICE has issued a statement on its part, promising continued iteration on the in game economy.